Saturday, September 3, 2011

camno nak control stress mase kene penyakit bells palsy ni ?

hah..kite move kepada cara control stress plak ye.

kenapa kene control stress eh doktor perasan maizatul?hehe

ok.sebenarnye mak hencik bapak2 hencik sekalian, seperti yg kite tau, menatang bells ni, adelah, neurological disorder yang menyebabkan paralysis kat bahagian muke kite ye hencik2. doktor2 yang hebat2 yakin yang, punca utama menatang ni adalah stress..tapi tak la sebab stress sangat, antara sebab lain nye adalah :

diabetes, a viral infection, a flu-like illness, high blood pressure, trauma, toxins, lyme disease, Guillain-Barre syndrome, sarcoidosis, myasthenia gravis, stress, high winds directly into the eye, trauma to the facial nerve, poor nutrition, dental work and chronic middle ear infection.

(yg ni i copy kat sini =

ok.kembali ke topik asal, macam mana nak control stress eh...

1. Concentrate on your breathing. Breathe deep and expand your stomach as much as possible. Monitor this by placing your hand on your stomach to check for expansion. Deep breathing allows your whole body to relax and get in synch. Repeat the process 10 times.

2. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a peaceful environment. Think about a soothing, relaxing place, such as a vacation spot. Focus on the sounds, the smells and the things you see around you. As you sink further into this thought, you become more relaxed.

3. Practice yoga as a form of relaxation. Do yoga in a studio or in your own home. There are many different forms, such as Hatha yoga, which focuses on controlled breathing. Yoga training builds up your response to stress and sends your body to a more relaxed state as you cope with Bell's Palsy. Practice yoga three to four times a week for maximum benefit.
(err...rase yoga ni ok ke?aku buat yoga bukan hilang stress makin stress adelah.adoiyai.!)

4. Meditate by closing your eyes and focusing on one single sound or word. The sound needs to be a low tone and repetitive. Repeating this over and over again takes your mind out of the logical, everyday thinking. The stimulating nature of repetition allows you to escape and mentally relax

5. Draw a warm bath. You can fill the tub with various bath scents and oils to encourage relaxation. Aromatherapy and candles are encouraged.

semua yg omputih ni cakap dah dicopy bulat2 dekat;

sekian saje buat mase sekarang.

sori la tak translate, kang doktor perasan maizatul ni translate, ko makin sakit kang.huhu..

p/s : kawan2 doakan kawan saya cepat sembuh kalau tak nanti dia dah tak cantik da..huhu

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