Friday, July 24, 2015

life change

to be honest, i was too lonely now.
got so much work to do, but dont have the mood to do.
life seems difficult.
the difficulties that create by my ownself.
sometimes, i dont even know what i want.
just feeling too lonely.

its been many years i didnt write here.
my life completely change.
further study in new environment.but still didnt finish it.
have to do any job to support life.
doing business.
my mom passed away.
got cheat by boyfriend.
break up after 5 years.
meeting someone else younger.
and many more....

life change so much. so much that i can even tell it one by one.
but i'm still like this.
still looking for the future.
an unsure future.

life change. yeah life change.

hopefully, after been so many years, there is no reader anymore for this blog.

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